Sig SomethingExtra

FLYING WEIGHT: 84oz/76oz
WING LOADING: 20.0oz/18.1oz
MOTOR: Hacker B50 10L G5.2-1
PROP: 15x10
CELLS: 14x2400 / 4S4P-1950LiPoly
AMPS: 50
WATTS PER LB. 120/125

The Sig SomethingExtra with 4 Hitec HS-85BB servos, Hitec 555 receiver, 270mh receiver battery, Hacker B50 10L motor with 5.2-1 geardrive, and Jeti 70amp Brushless controller. 

Plane all framed up ready for covering. This kit is all laser cut and a quick build.
There are only a few ply parts in the hole kit and I replaced all but the firewall with balsa. Everything you see hear weighed 8oz and the replacement balsa weighed less then 2oz.
Every little bit counts when it comes to weight savings. 6oz in ply, 2oz in lighter covering, 6+oz in micro equipment,  2+oz in motor weight and 8oz in glow fuel. 24+oz replaced with 24oz of batteries equals a good flying plane.
One complaint I have heard about the SomethingExtra is the battery location. My 14 cell pack slides right in above the wing tube and all the way to the firewall. The CG can be adjusted further by moving the receiver battery if need be.
The new Thunder Power LiPoly cells fit with no modification.  The pack is all the way against the firewall and held in place with velcro.

The motor is mount to the firewall with a Sonic Tronic nylon motor mount. The mount is very strong an light. You do need to use a hose clamp instead of the supplied zip tie.

This plane flies Great, fast roles, good speed, unlimited verticals and about 6-10 or 20+ minute flight times with throttle management.

This is a 10.7MB video clip of the Somethin'Extra. Click on the picture to start the download.