Wattage Pitts

Wing Area:

280 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 13.9
Motor: Hacker B20 15L Geared 4.0-1
Prop: APC-Slo 9x6 or 10x4.7
Cells: 3S2P-1200
Amps: 17
Ready to Fly Weight: 27oz
Watts Per Pound: 100

This is the Wattage Pitts with a B20 15L Hacker Motor geared 4.0-1, Hacker Master 18 ESC, 9x6 APC-Slo prop, 4 Hitec HS-55BB servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, and a 3S2P-1200 LiPo flight pack. The all up weight can in at 27oz to give me 100 watts per pound.

All the parts out of the box.  Looks a lot better with the stickers.

Start assemble by gluing the ailerons in place and installing the aileron servo.

 I opted to use 2 aileron servos so I widened the hole and glued in 2 small rails to secure them to.

Next you glue the stab in place and hinge the elevator haves.

Insert the tail wheel and glue the rudder in place.

Secure the tail servos in place and install the pushrods. 

mount the wheels to the landing gear and secure to the fuse.

I used a Hacker mount from Aero-Model and used spacers to push the motor out.  The batter slides in the tube to the proper CG location.

Another view.

Install radio gear.

Provided for cooling and battery access..
Bolt the wings on, install a pilot, secure the canopy and cowl.
I added so right thrust after reading other reports on the ezone.
Top view
Bottom view