P-40 WarHawk

Wing Area:

697 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 29.1 / 26.4
Motor: Hacker B50 12XL Geared 3.7-1
Prop: APC-E 15x10
Cells: 20x2600nimh / 6S4P-1950LiPoly
Amps: 50
Ready to Fly Weight: 141 / 128oz
Watts Per Pound: 110 / 120

This is the Sportsman Aviation's P-40 WarHawk built with a B50 12XL Hacker Motor geared 3.7-1, Hacker Master 30 cell 48 amp ESC, 15x10 APC-E prop, 4 Hitec HS-225BB servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, 550mh receiver battery, and 20-2600nimh or  6S4P-1950 Thunder Power LiPoly cell flight pack. The all up weight can in at 141 or 128oz to give me 110 or 120 watts per pound.

You start construction by gluing the wing halves together and installing the retracts.

The tires that came with the kit just barley fit in the wells and I was afraid they would not work on anything but the perfect landing so I used tires that are I size smaller.

Standard retract servo installed.

Typical construction with the stab and fin glued in place.

Getting close!

With the wing on I glued the bottom scoop in place.

I pushed the elevator/rudder servos into the tail.

Hacker motor ready to go.

Battery in place for proper CG.

Thunder Power!!!

Ready for test flights.

 The first few flight were with the suggested CG, the plane felt too sensitive to elevator input and had a pitch problem.  After moving the CG forward about a inch and adding a little more down thrust this plane fries great.

Click on this image to view a 12mb video.