Top Flight Nobler

Wing Area:

550 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 19.2
Motor: Hacker B50 11S Geared 5.2-1
Prop: APC-E 12x10
Cells: 12xCP1700
Amps: 30
Ready to Fly Weight: 74oz
Watts Per Pound: 80

This is the new Nobler kit by Top Flight built with a B50 11S Hacker Motor geared 5.2-1, Hacker Master 30 cell 48 amp ESC, 12x10 APC-E prop, 4 Hitec HS-85BB servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, 550mh receiver battery, 12 CP1700 cell flight pack, and retractable landing gear. The all up weight can in at 74oz to give me 80 watts per pound.

This is most of the wood from the fuse without the sheeting. Total weight 9.0oz

This is the completed fuse with sheeting, custom removable hatch, and 2 servos installed, only 6.5oz!

I replaced most of the ply and heavy balsa wood with lighter balsa.

I pushed the evelvator and rudder servos back into the tale to make room for the flight pack.

The top hatch makes changing batteries between flight easy. I had to place the servos deep into the wing to keep from blocking the flight pack that site on two ply rails above the wing.

With the 12 cell CP1700 flight pack in place you can see how there is plenty of room to shift the battery back to a just the CG.

I wanted to make sure there was enough room for 2400 cells for longer flight times. I have not flown with them yet because the extra 8oz of weight will up the wing loading and put more pressure on the retractable landing gear.

I like big props and unfortunately with retractable landing gear I am limited to a 12 inch prop.

This is the first plane I have built with retractable landing gear and I think it adds that cool factor along with about 4oz of weight over the conventional landing gear. I will be adding finishing details and stickers now that I know it flies. This plane flies great! Not unlimited but fast and stable. I find with the 12x10 prop I am able to back off the throttle and still have good speed. I am averaging 6 minutes of good turn around aerobatics, full throttle maneuvers at each end and 1/2 throttle for rolls and inverted fly bys in the middle..

This is a 6.7mb video of the Nobler in flight.