Graupner Extra 300S

Wing Area:

639 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 29.5/26.6
Motor: Hacker B50 12XL Geared 3.7-1
Prop: APC-E 14x10
Cells: 20x2600nimh / 6S4P 1950 LiPoly's
Amps: 45
Ready to Fly Weight: 131oz / 118oz
Watts Per Pound: 105 / 120

This is the Graupner Extra 300S built with a B50 12XL Hacker Motor geared 3.7-1, Hacker Master 30 cell 48 amp ESC, 14x10 APC-E prop, 4 Hitec HS-85BB servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, 550mh receiver battery, and 20 2600nimh or 6S4P-1950 ThunderPower LiPoly cell flight pack. The all up weight can in at 131 / 118oz to give me 105 / 120 watts per pound.

The box

The parts:  This plane is very solid with only one damaged part, the pilot had been broken off in the already sealed cockpit.

The wing:  This plane is very easy to assemble, glue the wing halves together install your servos and attach the push rods.

The belly pan: The blind nuts and wood dowels are already installed at the factory so the final step to the wing is gluing the belly pan on.

The tail:  With all the control surfaces pre hinged, finishing the tail requires gluing the stab and fin into the pre cut slots.

The tail wheel:  This is a neat way to attach a tail wheel to any plane without cutting into the rudder.

The motor:  Unfortunately the cowl is pre cut for a glow motor and Hobby Lobby dose not sell a replacement.  It dose allow for good cooling and lets me show off the purple power.  You can see the flight pack is all the way against the firewall to get proper CG.

The battery fits nicely into the slot already in place so no cutting is needed.

I may have been unlucky in getting a heavy model but I don't think you can build this plane stock under 6 pounds.  Even at over 8 pound the plane flies very well.

This is an 8mb video of the Extra with 20-2600nimh cells.