Hanger 9 Edge 540 ARF

Wing Area:

1010 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 29.1 / 33.1
Motor: Hacker C50 12XL Geared 6.7-1 or 2-B50 10XL's Geared 5-1
Prop: APC-E 20x10
Cells: Thunder Power LiPo 10S4P or 12S4P
Amps: 50
Ready to Fly Weight: 204oz / 232oz
Watts Per Pound: 110 / 135

This is the Hanger 9 Edge 540 built with 5 Hitec 5125 digital servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, 6V-1100mh receiver battery, 20x10 APC-E prop and either a C50 12XL Hacker Motor geared 6.7-1, Hacker Master 30 cell 70 amp ESC, and 10S4P Thunder Power LiPo battery or 2-B50 10XL Hacker Motors geared 5-1, 2-30 cells ESC and a 12S4P flight pack. The all up weight came in at 204oz / 232oz to give me 110 /135 watts per pound respectively.

This is going to be a big plane!

Everything out of the box, All parts in good shape with no damage.

The assembly starts with joining the wing halves.

After joining the wing halves you glue the wing mounting blocks and drill the wing hold down bolt holes.

Final steps to finish the wing is seal the hinge gap and install the servos. As you can see I glued a small ply block to be able to use the micro servos. 

After securing the wing to the fuse you glue the tail surfaces in place.

Some sanding was necessary to get a good strait fit.

Once the stab and fin are in place you glue the elevator and rudder in place with the supplied CA hinges.

One modification I made was to move the elevator/rudder servos into the tail.  I did this by drawing lines on the covering where I need the servos to go.  Then I cut the covering out about 1/4" inside the lines I drew.

With the covering cut back I glued 2 ply blocks inside the covering were the lines are drawn.
Then iron down the covering.  If you look close you can see the blocks inside the covering.
With the servo wells all ready you install the servos and control linkages.
I followed the same procedure for the other side. 
The cockpit hatch is finished by cutting out the canopy and securing the hatch with screws.
With the wing and tail finished I moved on to the front.  The nose of this plane is over built and I cut lightning holes everywhere I could.
With the firewall cut down I mounted the motor with extra heat sinks in the Aero-Model motor mount.
The Duel motor system uses an Inner Demon gear drive.
After I balance the plane on the CG I glued the Velcro straps in place to hold the batteries.
2 14-cell packs strapped in place. This plane is now being flown with LiPo batteries.
This is my biggest plane to date makes my 5 year old son look small.
This is a 13.8mb Video of the Edge.  Click on the picture to start the download of the video.