Hanger 9 1/4 Scale Super Cub

Wing Area:

1350 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 27.3
Motor: Hacker 2 B50 15S Geared 5-1
Prop: APC-E 19x10
Cells: 8S4P-1950 LiPoly
Amps: 45
Ready to Fly Weight: 256oz
Watts Per Pound: 80

This is the Hanger 9 1/4 scale Super Cub built with 2 B50 15S Hacker Motors geared 5-1, 2 Hacker Master 30 cell 48 amp ESC, 19x10 APC-E prop, 6 JR 811Digital servos, Hitec SuperSlim receiver, 1400mh receiver battery, and an 8S4P-1950ma Thunder Power LiPoly battery pack. The all up weight can in at 256oz to give me 80 watts per pound.

The assembly of the ARFed parts goes very quickly.  You start by gluing the aileron and flaps in place and installing the wing servos.

After mounting the wing I glued the tail peaces in place.

I decided to use the stock servo setup for the elevator and rudder.

Next the landing gear is installed.

The motors with the innerdemon gear drive is bolted to the firewall.  Then the cowl is screwed in place.

With the plane almost ready I located were the batteries need to go and glued in a ply plate for the batteries to be fastened to.

The finished Cub weighs 16 pounds ready to fly.  Performance is very good with flight times averaging 20 to 40 minutes on one charge.

This is a 13mb Video of the SuperCub flying at MWE2003