The Artist

Wing Area:

805 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 22.9
Motor: Hacker B50 11XL Geared 5.2-1
Prop: APC-E 15x10
Cells: 24x3000nimh
Amps: 30
Ready to Fly Weight: 126oz
Watts Per Pound: 90

This is the Artist built with a B50 11XL Hacker Motor geared 5.2-1, Hacker Master 30 cell 48 amp ESC, 15x10 APC-E prop, 4 Hitec HS-225BB servos, Hitec 555 receiver, 550mh receiver battery, and 24 3000nimh cell flight pack. The all up weight can in at 126oz to give me 90 watts per pound.

When you open the box you can immediately see the high quality of this plane right down to the professional packing.

There is very little involved with converting this plane to electric.  I only had to cut one former to allow the batteries to slide in and out easier.

Here you can see the battery in place as you can see there is plenty of room to adjust the CG.

The Hacker motor strapped to a Sonic Tronic motor mount.

This plane flies great!  I am averaging 8-10 minute flights with incredible performance. 

Click on picture to download a 17mb video of the Artist in flight. We were able to clock this plane at over 80mph.