Hanger 9 Aresti 40 ARF

FLYING WEIGHT: 98oz / 88oz
WING LOADING: 25 / 22.4
MOTOR: Hacker B50 13S G5.2-1
PROP:APC-E 15x10
CELLS: 14 CP2400 or 4S-7800 TP LiPoly
AMPS: 55
WATTS PER LB. 115 / 125

The Aresti 40 ARF by Hanger 9 with a Hacker B50 13S Geared 5.2-1 motor, Hacker Master 70 amp Brushless ESC, 4 Hitec HS-85BB servos, Hitec 555 micro receiver, 15x10 APC-E prop, and 14 CP2400 or 4S-7800 ThunderPower LiPoly batteries. With 115 / 125 watts per pound this plane has lots of power and is a lot of fun to fly.

The construction is very strait forward glue wing panels together, glue tail surfaces on install radio gear, mount motor  and install flight pack. 
I am very impressed by the quality of the coving. This plane is easy to see in the air.
I used a standard 40 size nylon mount and hose clamp to hold the motor.
The battery sits about 1/2" back from the firewall and is held in place with velcro straps. A removable hatch in the bottom allows the batteries to be changed without removing the wing.
Click on picture to view a 11mb Video of the Aresti.